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FEBG is a world renowned name for kitchen hood and hob in india. We introducing German Technology in your kitchen which transforms the way your kitchen looks,feels, breaths. FEBG kitchen appliances comprised of wide range of hob , cook tops , hood. Inspired by the aesthetically pleasing Italian design and reminiscent German craftsmanship FEBG gives a wide range of hobs and hoods , Archimedean spiral and by hydrodynamics theory is used in our hoods which helps to improve the wind pressure with low noise.FEBG hoods contain baffle filter which makes your cleaning simple and easy. With wide ranges of choices in stainless steel and timpered glass is equipped with wind tunnel that helps in maintaining a clean smoke free and fresh environment all around the kitchen. FEB G Hobs are all about effortless, efficient cooking experience by simply turning on the sure fire auto ignition system and focused flame with the help of jet driving technology.Fast stainless cooking is now possible with FEB G products. Stainless steel and high tempered glass hoods and hobs will change your kitchen standards. You would love to spend time in your kitchen and enjoy cooking. Customers are the ultimate kings in todays market. There is no disbelief that today’s consumers are at a far better position than that of past as consumers with more safety security and choices towards product as the products are made as per their convenience , needs and desires.